I started the Mobile Computing with App Inventor – CS Principles Mooc on EdX in october, 2015. I learned to build android apps using a very user friendly app named app inventor 2. It uses blocks to build the code. In this serie, I will not explain how to use App Inventor 2. Instead I will explain how I built an app which interacts with a google spreadsheet and  displays the data the user wants to see. 

This post is part of the serie . The tutorials will go over these parts :

  1. how to create a usable google spreadsheet ;
  2. What are the specifications for my app inventor 2 app;
  3. How to design the user interface;
  4. How to code the functionalities;
  5. How to code an html / javascript file which will handle the display ;
  6. What’s next ? What should be improved ?

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